AlQasb Cargo Services

We offer all logistic services where we have a specialized team in all areas of shipping, air freight, packaging services, and customs clearance. Air Freight: We carry air freight from Riyadh to all over the world and vice versa, and shipping is often for weights of 45 kg for shipments From Saudi Arabia, and the goods and shipments received to Saudi Arabia must be not less than 100 to 150 kg.

Shipping: We also offer sea freight services in more than one way shipping to East Asia door to door weights of 30K and above. We also offer container or container shipping at 20ft or 40ft from Saudi Arabia to all over the world, and vice versa.

Customs Clearance: Since we have integrated shipping services also we can work all clearance procedures where we have a crew specialized in the performance of customs duties and high skill.

Packaging Services: Packaging services are one of the most important services necessary to keep shipments, goods and personal items intact until they arrive. We are always distinguished by the work of all types of packaging according to the need of shipment such as boxes of wood, cork, bubbles, plastic rolls and all the packaging. We have one of the specialized companies in this field House packaging our partner in this success.

Receipt of shipments: We provide the services of receipt of shipments from the client site where we have an integrated fleet to transport all types of goods from the client’s site to our warehouse to carry out shipping and clearance procedures until the arrival of the recipient.

Fast shipping: In some cases, there are commercial shipments committed to a specific arrival time. We have multiple shipping methods, either normal or express shipping in a short period.

Contracting in Freight: We work in a long range with the sectors, both government and corporate, and we work with contracts and prices and services distinguished to ensure the best service to companies.

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